Stone Soup

Stone Soup

... is a folk story in which the people of a town each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys.

The Stone Soup Project

The Stone Soup Project

... is a group of Upstate NY distilleries, wineries and other small businesses that have come together to supply much needed hand sanitizer throughout our communities.  

What is the Stone Soup Project?

The Stone Soup Project is a community-based initiative created to make hand sanitizer to support local Upstate New York communities. Upstate New York distilleries from Rochester to the Finger Lakes, including Rootstock Cider & Spirits, O’Begley Distillery and Uncharted Spirits, have come together in the Stone Soup Project supported by local wineries, including Fox Run Vineyards, Swedish Hill Vineyard & Winery and Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, to turn thousands of gallons of wine into hand sanitizer.

The team’s goal is to make 20,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per week to be distributed throughout Upstate New York. The hand sanitizer follows the World Health Organization formula and pricing guidelines and a portion of the product will be donated to local non-profits most in need – police, fire, ambulance, clinics, nursing homes and assisted living.

What is in the World Health Organization (WHO) hand sanitizer formula?

The WHO formula is based on 80% pure ethyl alcohol – this is the amount found most effective at killing bacteria and virus microbes. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide is added as an additional anti-bacterial. Glycerin is added as a moisturizer to counter-act the drying effect of the alcohol on hands. 

This formula contains no aromatics or gels commonly found in hand sanitizers such as Purell.

What are the WHO hand sanitizer price guidelines?

The WHO has set a standard price of $60 per gallon for hand sanitizer. This price allows the manufacturer enough income to purchase the raw ingredients, pay a fair wage for labor, and comply with governmental licensing and labeling regulations.

To put the $60 per gallon price in perspective: 

There are 128 ounces in one gallon - $60 divided by 128 equals 47 cents per ounce.

Pre-COVID-19, major supermarket brands such as Purell sold 8 ounce bottles for $8.00 or $1.00 per ounce.

Now, during the outbreak, producers following the WHO guidelines are selling hand sanitizer for less than half of pre-COVID prices. Unfortunately, there are very few – please compare price before buying.

The Stone Soup Project hand sanitizer is priced far below $60 per gallon when bought in bulk - $45/g for 5 gallons and as low as $35/g for a 55 gallon drum.

What size containers can I order?

Due to the extreme shortage of smaller bottles and trying to be environmentally friendly, we are selling in bulk only. A one gallon jug is the smallest size we offer. You can also order 5 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, even 250 gallon IBCs.

How much can my organization order?

As little as 1 gallon and as much as you take – seriously. We can fill orders of hundreds of gallons for large organizations and institutions.

Can individuals place orders or just organizations?

While we are designed to fulfill large orders for organizations and institutions, we are happy to provide for individuals and homes in a 1 gallon order.

Do you deliver?

Large orders of 5 gallons or more can be delivered – there may be a shipping charge. We can discuss this when you place an order.

Is hand sanitizer being donated to any organizations?

Absolutely! A portion of all hand sanitizer produced through the Stone Soup Project will be donated free of charge to Upstate New York organizations in need.